About me

Hi there! I´m Alejandro Moreno de Carlos. Alejandro M.C.B is just the shortest way I figured out for a really long name.

I´m a Spanish full-time freelance photographer & filmmaker currently “based” in Madrid. I´m mainly focused in travel and lifestyle photography and video, and I travel frequently all over the world to shoot this type of content. I love sports, specially adventure and action sports, so I get to shoot this type of images often too.

I´m not a big fan of self-promotion to be true… but well, I guess an about page is the place to do it a bit. I guess I must mention that my work has been published in several international magazines (National Geographic, Lonely Planet…), and ad campaigns (Barclays, Samsung, Microsoft, LG, Paypal, Marriot…). I´ve received some awards too, such as “Travel photographer of the year” in 2014 and “Best use of light” in 2015 in the 1st and 2nd Annual Stocksy Awards respectively. I collaborate with International premium photo agencies such as Offset and Stocksy.

But beside all this, we can sum up that I´m basically a passionate photographer & filmmaker who really loves what he does. I put all and everything in every image or video I take, always trying to show the authenticity and emotions of the moments I live or witness from a very sincere point of view. If you want to collaborate in something together or just want to say hello, contact me and I´ll be happy to help!