Sodo, Ethiopia

Sodo, Ethiopia


This is one example of how unpredictable and unexpected travel photography can be. We were doing a 14 hour drive towards Omo Valley in Southern #Ethiopia. And on the way we stopped for lunch in an apparently uninteresting village on the way. I took my camera to the lunch just in case.

We got in the restaurant and ordered Tibs. Which is a typical Ethiopian dish that’s served on its little portable stove similar to the one of fondues to keep the grilled meat warm.

In this authentic and traditional restaurant they were cooking with firewood. The smoke was flirting all around the dark restaurant making a really amazing and charming atmosphere. I took my camera and snapped a few shots of the waiters serving these dishes to the people. The light created some beautiful contrasts. So there we were in an apparently normal restaurant on a “break” from our travel and I took some of my favourite shots of the whole Ethiopia trip.

That’s the beauty of traveling and travel photography. It keeps surprising you and there’s always unexpected things happening. There’s always beauty in the most unexpected places when you’re with the eyes wide opened, prepared for the beauty happening in everything and willing to be amazed every day at whatever may cross your way. Just go out, look and be surprised.


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